Network Ally Benefits

For allies, the Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, is designed to empower practitioners, professionals and business owners with the ability to strengthen their patient, client and customer relationships and to control their own livelihoods by offering great products and services that BHA members will want to purchase in order to attain better health and save money on their health and health-related needs.

Help Foster the Benefits of Alternative Medicine.

BHA allies have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and promote the value of their products and services on the BHA Benefits Portal, and during the community-based workshops and seminars offered by the Burgio Health Alliance. Allies can help foster the benefits of alternative medicine and healthy living, helping to create a better health care approach for everyone.

Promote Your Products and Services with BHA Members.

The Burgio Health Alliance offers its allies many ways and broad support to help make sure BHA members know what products and services are available that can help them save money and enjoy better health. BHA allies can advertise on the BHA Benefits Portal, with direct promotions to BHA members, and by sponsoring special events offered by BHA.

If you are a BHA ally, click here to let us know if you would like to advertise with BHA or learn more about how BHA allies can promote their products and services.

If you would like to become a BHA ally, click here to take the first step toward becoming a part of the Burgio Health Alliance.

Showcase Your Products and Services with BHA Members.

The BHA Benefits Portal includes a profile for each BHA ally. The profile describes the products and services each ally has to offer and provides a link to BHA Shopping where each ally can showcase their products and services for purchase by BHA members.

Click here to go shopping with BHA and its allies.

Make Special Offers Available to BHA Members.

BHA allies have the opportunity to extend their products and services to BHA members beyond BHA Shopping. Each day BHA makes available special, time-limited offers to BHA members from those allies who want to highlight extra cost savings and healthy options for purchase. Click here to view Today’s Special Offers.

Earn Ally Rewards.

The Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, wants to reward participating allies for providing valuable products and services to BHA members for purchase, based on the memberhip tier. BHA allies may earn reward points for related purchases made by BHA members in addition to completing certain activities and achieving positive performance results.

Click here to learn more about how the BHA reward program works for allies.