Employer & Group Benefits

As healthcare costs continue to rise employers and other group benefit sponsors are looking for new and innovative ways to save money for their employees and group members and to avoid increased healthcare costs for their businesses. BHA offers solutions for both of these challenges.

Cost Savings for You and Your Employees or Group Members.

In today’s modern healthcare system, alternative healthcare treatments and remedies are proven complements to conventional and western medicine, and are often less expensive. With a wide-range of options, alternative medicine can be an effective component to an integrated approach to the prevention of and caring for injuries, illness and disease. This integrated approach can save money on the overall costs of healthcare. The Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, helps make alternative & complementary healthcare even less expensive through discounts and special offers made available by BHA allies.

Customer Service and Technical Support.

Offering the Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, to your employees or group members is not only easy, but low-maintenance. BHA provides full service customer support on-line, by phone or in person. Employers and group sponsors can refer employee or group members to BHA for a response to any question or concern.

Easy to Use for Employees or Group Members.

The Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, offers it members complementary & alternative healthcare information, education, tools and resources, a large network of allies who offer discounts on alternative medicine and healthy living products and services, online shopping, a rewards program, and other benefits that make BHA an excellent value.

BHA is easy to use, and the BHA Benefits Portal is easy to navigate from the member Account Summary, to BHA Shopping, to the Wellness Center, to the Rewards Program. All of this is accessible at a member’s fingertips using any computer or mobile smart device.

Perks for Your Employees and Group Members.

The Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, is designed to make living a healthy lifestyle easier, more convenience and more accessible for all individuals, and to enable them to have stronger relationships with the practitioners, professionals and business owners who serve their health and health-related needs.

If you are interested in improving employee or group member satisfaction and loyalty with a few extra perks, click here to learn more about all the valuable member benefits that BHA has to offer!

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