Calendar of Events

The Burgio Health Alliance and our allies offer many workshops, seminars and other events for their members. Below you will find a listing of our upcoming events. If you would like to register click here to contact us.

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Children’s Health Fair 


 This Event Will Host The "VAXXED TOUR BUS" For Its Last U.S. Tour Stop!! A variety of complementary health providers will be present. You can ask questions, and find some folks to assist your child or yourself in the pursuit of 'WHOLE WELLNESS OF BODY AND MIND'.

Featured Speakers:


 1:30PM - Children's Meditation – Dr. James Pilc, MD

2:30PM – Austin Air Purifiers – Liz Kovacs

5:00PM - “Fears of the Choices We Make” – Dr. Ken Kurbs, DC

6:00PM - "Environmental & Genetic Causes of Autism" Dr. James Lyons - Weiler

 & Many Others…

                Wednesday, September 6th from 1:00PM - 7:00PM 

  6161 Transit Road, East Amherst, NY 14051

For more information: visit and search ‘Children’s Health Fair’


 **Please contact us if you would like to share your story and/or speak