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'Today we live in a world of information explosion where many of us anxiously and avidly glean information on tips to stay healthy naturally in terms of diet, physical exercise and hygiene. While these modified outlooks have helped protect us from epidemics and nutritional deficiency diseases such as scurvy and rickets, yet it is not enough to help us tide over other individual diseases during our lifetime such as cancer, heart disease, anxiety disorders, depression et al! We now tend to live longer but more solitary and emotionally sedentary lives plagued with personal frustration spending longer hours in sulking self-pity or resentment or in front of the idiot box watching various soap operas that makes us more excited, anxious and fearful – all emotions that when trapped in the body makes for a more stressed and ‘dis-eased’ state. One ingredient starkly missing from the cookbook of our life today is the spice of human touch and feeling of unconditional love. Studies have shown that positive touch of another human or a pet animal is a big neutralizer of stress and can keep one healthy even when extraneous factors such as diet and life situations may be non-optimal. A study published in Science in 1980 (Nerem R.M et al, pp 1475-1476) showed conclusively that when genetically similar rabbits were placed on a high cholesterol diet in an effort to induce atherosclerosis only 40% of the rabbits that were handled, stroked, talked to and played with developed atherosclerosis compared to 100% in the other group that was not similarly petted. This effect cannot be easily matched by interventional medicine.  To feel unconditional love for oneself and from others as also for other beings, is to stay attune with universal well-being and happiness!'


Arup Bhattacharya, PhD, DHM, Hom(ON), RSHom (NA)

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 The paradigm of leaving the flowering of human consciousness behind in our daily life

Abram Maslow, the sociologist psychologist, was one of the first positive psychologists whose hierarchy of needs model lays down the blue print for a meaningful human existence. We are born in the physical body which, like the stalk of a waterlily or a lotus plant seeks basic sustenance in order to grow and manifest its flowering beauty. But unlike the waterlily or the lotus, the complexity of a human being often makes itself totally identified with the challenges of a life situation and thereby seeking to fulfill the now exaggerated ‘deficit’ needs fostered further by the social conditioning for material ‘success’ and an innate desire to please others and immerse in a life of immediate self-gratification. What gets neglected in the process is our self-actualization or ‘being’ needs and life becomes full of negative emotions of self-doubt, guilt, shame, confusion, anxiety, panic-attacks, anger, self-pity, blame-game, projection, depression, fear, feeling of not belonging and of being un-loved, forsaken, a loss of meaning in life. Thus suffering and ‘dis-ease’ besets the now measly existence where clarity is a rarity! The stress factors over a period of time translate into illnesses constituting more than 80% of all physician office visits. A path to flowering of the human consciousness or self-actualization where one joyfully puts the ‘others’ need first enables us to rhyme with the universal energy of loving kindness, gratitude, compassion and thereby enable release of happy molecules such as  endorphins in our physical fabric. A successful complementary and alternative medicine practitioner is one who is able to see and acknowledge the core negative pattern in the individual and recognizes it as the underlying root cause of the patient’s psychosomatic illness. He is then able to formulate a plan that enables the individual to free himself from illness and fulfill his real destiny.

Arup Bhattacharya, PhD, DHM, Hom(ON), RSHom (NA)

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Children and Food Allergies - Arup Bhattacharya, PhD, DHM

According to National Center for Health Statistics in 2007, 3.9% of children had a food allergy in the past 12 months—an 18% increase from 1997 to 2007 [JAMA 307(4), 2012].
Written by Burgio Health at 05:53