Member Benefits

The Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, is designed to make living a healthy lifestyle easier, more convenience and more accessible for all individuals, and to enable them to have stronger relationships with the practitioners, professionals and business owners who serve their health and health-related needs. Read on to learn more about the member benefits BHA has to offer.

Alternative & Complementary healthcare information, education, tools and resources.

BHA offers a variety of ways for member to learn more about the beneficial ways of an alternative approach to healthy living. This includes tailored and individualized health profiles and journaling options, face-to-face private and group learning workshops and seminars, packaged materials, video and on-line learning programs, electronic links and topic search capabilities via the BHA Benefits Portal.

A Large Network of Allies Offering Discounted Products and Services.

Included in your BHA membership is the option to purchase discounted products and services for living a healthy lifestyle from a large network of allies. This network includes restaurants, fitness facilities, nutrition specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, health food stores, and many other related providers of such product and services. Click here to check out the BHA network of allies. Click here to see a sample of the products and services available for a discount when purchased through the BHA Benefits Portal.

Special Offers Made Available Daily.

In addition to the everyday discounted products and services offered by BHA allies, there are special, time-limited offers made daily. Members will not want to miss out on the money saving offers that can help lead to better health. If you are a BHA member, click here to see Today’s Special Offers. If you would like to join BHA click here.

Rewards for Purchases, Practicing Healthy Habits, and Other BHA Specials Activities.

It just keeps getting better…a Benefits Portal loaded with features to help you live your healthy lifestyle, a wide-range of BHA allies saving you money every day, and on top of all that members can earn points for every purchase made through the Benefits Portal, for practicing healthy habits, and for taking action on other BHA special activities. Click here for more information on BHA rewards for members!

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