Membership Fees

The Burgio Health Alliance, or BHA, offers a simple and affordable way to become a BHA member. Below you will find the monthly membership fee, which applies for an individual, two-person, or family membership.

Your membership fee will be automatically billed to the credit card on file with your BHA account at the frequency that best suits your needs: monthly, quarterly or annually.

Monthly Rate - BHA welcomes you and your family at the special low introductory rate of $9.99 per month.  Sign up now!

Monthly Membership: $9.99/month.

Qtrly Membership:     $26.99/quarter (Reg. $29.97-save 10%)

Annual Membership:  $99/year (Reg. $119.88)

Current Annual Promotion: 20% Discount-$79.00/year til 12/31/17                                       Use Promo Code: DRNE2135